Saturday, April 14, 2018

Jeremy Caniglia Lecture and Workshop at Iowa State University

Jeremy Caniglia will be giving a lecture and workshop at Iowa State University on Monday April 16 from 7:00-8:30pm  

Caniglia’s lecture is titled “Into Purer Light”. The lecture will focus on his new series of work as well as the Nerdrum School and the Future of Figurative Painting. He will discuss his experience working with the figurative master Odd Nerdrum at The Nerdrum School.  The lecture will cover the current state of figurative painting and discuss where it is headed. He will also discuss his new solo exhibition “Into Purer Light” and how the paintings he created transcend time and place and push new boundaries in figurative painting.

Caniglia will also be directing a portrait drawing and still life painting workshop. The workshop will be held at Iowa State Universities College of Design on Tuesday April 17th

Caniglia’s workshop will offer painters an opportunity to compose, draw, and paint a still life or portrait using direct observation along with historical techniques and conventions. The incredible variety of available objects, materials and textures and the endless combinations in which they can be arranged, offers the contemporary painter an inexhaustible source for inspiration and study.

This event is made possible by the very gracious sponsorship of the Department of Art & Visual Culture and CODAC (College of Design Art Club

Here is a link to the lecture and workshop:
Thank you,
Jacqui-Director of Caniglia-Art

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jeremy Caniglia's Quest for Caravaggio - Nec Spe Nec Metu

I spent the last 2 weeks on a quest to see the Caravaggio’s of Rome, Naples and Sicily. I took a group of students and the journey was incredible. The paths to grasping the complexity
of Caravaggio’s paintings are multiple and variable. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) chiaroscuro style, is gorgeous and stark with its dramatic angled lighting, deeply shadowed backgrounds and heart-wrenching contorted figures.

The Rome and Naples paintings are unmatched in breadth and depth. Caravaggio does what no painter before or since has been able to accomplish. The compositions are so complex but yet appear so simple. The movement of light is in a world of its own and his muted palette against vibrant hues makes flesh tones and drama explode out of the painting. It is as if the painting is alive and the sitters will start talking to you at any moment.

The most interesting phase of Caravaggio’s late career was surely the years he spent in Malta and Sicily. In 1608 Caravaggio was on the run escaping from the Maltese jail and took refuge in Syracuse. It was incredible to see these large works and especially the Burial of Saint Lucy. The painting was executed in three months in time for the December 13 celebration of St. Lucy feast day (October –December 13). He worked from live models in the Basilica of Santa Lucia al Sepolcro in the Borgata. To see the space where he worked and the lighting brings the painting full circle. A lot of experts believe he rushed it and left parts completely undone but if you see the setting in which it was painted you understand the mud of earth tones that he used was accurate and emotive.  The Sicilian works are unique on so many levels. Caravaggio was near the end and would be dead in two years. The amount of work that he finished in this time is remarkable!

As I dug deeper into his work I found a man who was flawed but sincere in his convictions. Caravaggio was grateful and loyal to his friends. He was not only a murderer but also a victim; not only a genius, not only an imperfect man with faults, but also a worthy person who understood the human condition and empathy at the deepest level. Nec Spe Nec Metu-Without Hope-Without Fear! He lived a short and violent life but what he gave in return was the reality of this imperfect world we live in. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Caniglia at the FACE CONVENTION (Figurative Art Convention & Expo)

I would like to thank everyone who came out to the opening at Gallery 1516 this weekend. The exhibition was packed. It was nice to meet up with old friends, colleagues as well as new collectors. It was a nice change to see an exhibition of this size in Omaha. The exhibition is up until December 29th. If you missed the opening or your traveling through the Omaha area, please take time out to see the exhibition.

This week, I am heading to the FACE CONVENTION (Figurative Art Convention & Expo) in Miami, Florida. I will be attending with my niece Fina Mooney who will be a guest speaker at the opening ceremony with Max Ginsburg, Eric Rhoads, and Peter Trippi. This is a very well deserved honor. Fina at the age of 13 is a world class painter showing the discipline, commitment, and strength of our future figurative storytellers. Her work is both breathtaking and masterful.

I will be at the TRAC sessions on the DaVinci Initiative since this part of the method that I teach my current students as well as the life drawing sessions. This conference is a full immersion into the world of figurative painting with world-class painters. Looking forward to catching up with a lot of my fellow painters and colleagues this week.

Once again thank you for your support of my work and I hope to see some of you in Miami.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jeremy Caniglia Exhibition at Gallery 1516

My work will be on display this Friday at Gallery 1516 as part of the 2017 NEBRASKA 2D Biennial (The Best of Nebraska)

The Public Opening is this Friday November 3rd –Doors open at 6pm.

2 of my portrait drawings were chosen for the exhibition. The first is “Looking out over time, scattered voices carry on the winds whispering the evocation of wandering spirits calling us home”. The second is “Dream tonight of a climbing moon upon an empty sky”

Gallery 1516 is located at:
1516 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE
(Downtown Omaha) 
Nearly 500 pieces were submitted for review, the 3-judge panel selected 70+ pieces for the final exhibit...there will also be Viewer's Choice and participating Artist Choice voting until December 22 for a special closing ceremony on Friday December 29th.

Hope to see some of you at the opening. If you are in Omaha this weekend or this month come out and see the exhibition.


Caniglia at Paul Booth Gallery for 13th Hour Exhibition

I would like to thank Paul Booth for putting on another incredible 13th Hour exhibition. It was great to catch up with so many past friends and colleagues. I am humbled to have my paintings side by side with so many globally-renowned painters. Paul’s vision for this show gives the viewer a glimpse of the human condition on a new level. The collection of pieces explore beauty, melancholy, the grotesque and the unknown. The sacred and the profane. The uncertainty of our existence as we seek to understand the impermanence of life on this planet. If you are in NYC don’t miss the opportunity to see this rare one of kind exhibition at Paul Booth - Last Rites Gallery.