Sunday, March 30, 2014

Danish American Museum

I had a chance to visit the Danish American Museum exhibition this weekend and see my painting of Dybbøl Mill on display. The exhibit called ‘Schleswig-Holstein: Turmoil on the Danish-German Border’ is incredible. The show features art, memorabilia, diaries, and photos from the 1848 and 1864 wars.

The Danish Museum has done an amazing job of putting this traveling exhibition together on the 150th anniversary of the 1864 battle. It was nice to have a chance to take my time at the exhibition and really absorb all the information that has been presented. If you are in Elkhorn, Iowa take the time out to visit this wonderful museum. I am honored that they asked me to be part of this exhibition.

I have attached a few photos from my visit to the museum.
Here is a link to the Danish America Museum…

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