Sunday, May 4, 2014

Caniglia - Anatomical Studies

Since I have been showing some of my old master studies I thought I would also show some of my scientific studies as well. As I have mentioned in several of my entries sketching is key to understanding an artist development both in ideas and in technique.

DaVinci of course knew this better than any other artist. We still have hundreds of his anatomical, medical, botany, and science drawings. They give us insight in our own lives and the world we live in. An artist commitment to science needs to be as strong as their commitment to art. If you understand the human form on all levels you will be able to render the form as you wish in your work.

As an instructor I am trying to make sure that my students have a firm foundation in the arts and sciences. They need to understand anatomy, botany, biology, physiology and parts of biophysics through art. Even if they don’t become medical illustrators they will have a starting place to develop characters for their own work in comics, movie concepts, or personal works.

These studies that I created are based off Netter’s medical illustrations. Frank Netter, M.D. (1906-1991) was one of the greatest artists in the field of medical illustration. Trained as a doctor, he began doing illustrations to clarify his understanding of anatomy. As he stated in his own words “I found that I could learn my subjects best by drawing," he said. His life work of more than 4,000 illustrations grew, “in response to the desires and requests of the medical profession.”

I used gouache, oil, and pen and ink to create these studies.


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