Sunday, January 15, 2017

Caniglia and William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist

I was saddened to find out on Friday that the writer and filmmaker William Peter Blatty had died. I had the honor to work with Blatty in 2012 on his 40th anniversary edition of "The Exorcist”. It was an incredible experience to create all new artwork for this incredibly powerful novel and the Warner Bothers documentary that featured exclusive inside interviews with Blatty.

Bill was an amazing writer and a very humble man. I felt a real connection with his Jesuit upbringing and the way he portrayed the very emotional charged scenes in the Exorcist.

This is the mixed media oil painting I created for his new cover of The Exorcist. He was an incredible storyteller who wrote one of the best horror novels of all time! RIP and God Speed!

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