Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Caniglia Art

I am currently updating my website, so for those of you looking for exhibition dates, artwork for sale, and my latest works those will be added on the new site. If you are interested in any painting or drawing I post, please send an e-mail and I will let you know if it is available or what gallery it currently is being exhibited at.

I am also going to post some of my latest oil studies and random raw sketches from my piles of sketchbooks. Whether you are an architect, sculpture, or painter it is incredibly important to sketch and draw. Sketching is freedom of the imagination. It is so raw and visceral and gets initial ideas down on paper and helps the artist express what is toiling in their heart and soul. Artist studies and sketchbook are an extension of who they are on paper. It is our weapon of choice to combat a world that we don’t always understand. For me sketches construe more emotion than the final work itself, in strokes of truth in the most experimental form.

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