Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ghost of Christmas Present

Here is my concept sketch and my finished oil painting for the ‘Ghost of Christmas Present’ in Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Dicken’s depicts all of the ghosts as part of the overall symbolism of his story. The ghost of Christmas present in particular echoes Dickens’ vision and message.  When the ghost first appears he is sitting on a throne heaped with food, suggesting plenty and happiness. He holds his torch in one hand and his eyes are filled with truth. The ghost glows with light and a heart full of color.  In contrast Scrooge is heartless, empty, and consumes darkness. They are portrayed as exact opposites. 

The ghost on his side has a scabbard with no sword in it, “eaten up with rust”, giving the reader the impression that the ghost is strong, but does not use its strength to harm people. On its head is a holly wreath, echoing Jesus’ crown of thorns and making him a savior – the savior of Scrooge.

Hope you enjoy the artwork.

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