Saturday, October 11, 2014


This week I have a few of my apple paintings to show. I am working on 2 more that are not completely dry yet. I will show those paintings soon. As I have mentioned before Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) has always been an inspiration to me with his magnificent ability to depict perfect planes of color and composition. I also love his quirky statements like “I want to astonish Paris with an Apple”. As I have researched his still life fruit paintings, I have found that he had completed over 250 pieces devoted to fruit. That is true artistic dedication.

I will have more fruit paintings to show over the coming weeks. I am currently working on a lemon and Clementine as well. I am currently teaching my students a section on painting fruit. They are doing a great job of understanding line, shape, color, and form. I am teaching them how to give form and mass to objects through the juxtaposition of brushstrokes and carefully balanced colors and textures. I also explain how Cezanne was able to let edges disappear into the negative space and other objects. When an artist does this in their work, the painting then gains a sense of comforting stability. The results are wonderful with strong compositions in their bright coloring, dynamic surfaces, and distorted spaces.

More paintings and updates coming this week.


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