Friday, October 3, 2014

Caniglia_Art "Pear a dise"

As fall marches on, I decided that I would take a trip to the orchards this last weekend to both witness and sketch the wonderful different fruits with their ever-changing hues, colors, and tones. The apples are now at the height of the season and the pears were fading fast with muted earth tones and splashes of deep reds and yellows.

I have posted two of my pear paintings this week and I will post two more apple paintings next week. As I sketched out my paintings I noticed that I was drawn to show just one piece of fruit in each painting. I felt as I painted the pears, there was deeper meaning in each of the compositions that I chose to portray. Upon closer observation of the decomposing fruit I noticed that the pears are emblematic of the isolation and repression that the winter brings as it blows into the orchard. The warmth of the summer sun has faded and the season churns on the pears. Some were isolated in the top height of the trees forgotten or unreachable. Piles of apples lay in various stages of decay.

The youth of the fruit was in hues of yellow while the middle-aged fruit was in stages of greens and bright reds and the older fruit was deep red with hues of brown spots and blemishes. The entire process left me a bit melancholy to see the changes in the fruit and how it resembles the cycle of life as everything returns to the potter’s ground.

I will have more updates coming soon with more paintings and information about a special book that I just finished the cover for.

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