Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October-Caniglia Sketches

Fall is my favorite time of year and October is my month. All the fall colors slowly fade into a melancholy grey brown with the wonderful smell of decomposing leaves. I always read my Edgar Allan Poe collection of short stories and poems during this time. I also end up sketching as much as possible outside, from life, and from my imagination. Sketching the world around us truly helps us see it in a new light. The same can be said with reading new stories. Anything that can open your imagination is key to growth as an artist and person.

Sketching is the immediate expression of seeing, feeling, and thinking encompassed by the unknown and freedom of creativity. I have attached 3 sketches. The first is a hand study showing the muscle dissection and bone structure. This is an oil study done in one alla prima session. The next sketch is Poe with a Raven wrapped around his head and the last sketch is an old tree that I thought had a lot of character. Sketching is about progression and risk taking. Unless you immerse your self in your imagination it is hard to see what it is capable of creating.


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