Monday, February 13, 2017

Caniglia to study with Odd Nerdrum

It has been a busy spring filled with a lot of traveling and exhibitions. I wanted to take a moment to share some very special news.

I have been accepted by Odd Nerdrum to study with him in Norway in an apprenticeship. The Nerdrum School is the most important school of painting. Everyone claims to be influenced by the old masters but students who have studied alongside the living master Odd Nerdrum understand the depth of the human condition and the depth and layers hidden within this timeless place.  This school provides an environment that nurtures talent and offers a way of doing it like no other.

Odd Nerdrum is a true genius and the greatest painter of our time! His Old Master technique is sumptuous, his palette sophisticated and other-worldly and those who follow his work know he is the timeless thread that connects to the past and future of painting.

The Nerdrum School is made up of painters who are bound together by their desire to create timeless masterpieces. This is going to be an incredible journey. I am looking forward to working with Odd, his family, and my fellow Kitsch painters.


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