Sunday, November 16, 2014


The sold out limited edition copies of World War Z should be shipping over the next few weeks from Cemetery Dance Publishing. I found out that Max Brooks gave me a “Shout Out” for this new edition when he was on the radio last week.

Here is the link to the radio / podcast. on 94.1. The Max Brooks interview is great and if you have time it is worth listening to. He talks about upcoming projects. If you want to skip to the World War Z "shout out." Skip to about 27:39 in the interview to hear it.

I have been having a blast working with my students on their films. The last two weeks I have been collaborating with film directors who have been guest lectures and visitors in my art classes.

Some of my guest this past week included Alexander Payne (Sideways,About Schmidt), Nathan Crowley (Production Designer: The Dark Knight, Interstellar), Tom Elkins (Annabelle, The Haunting in Connecticut). Jason Levering (The Shining) and acclaimed photographers and directors Marc Longbrake and David Weiss.

It was incredible opportunity for the students to have a chance to ask questions and gain insight into their films with the guest lectures, professional directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, and actors.

I have more news coming about upcoming projects.


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