Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Painting - Thanksgiving

This week I decided to post one of my recent painting that I created for the Allentown Museum of Art show. The painting is titled “Wings of Unconditional Empathy” and was inspired by the artist Mora. It is a small burnt sienna study.

The idea for the painting is part of series that I am slowly bringing to life about the conflict of what I call the world of Apathy Vs. Empathy. In a world that used to be full of empathy, compassion, and other centeredness, has now found itself consumed in apathy, self-centeredness, and indifference. Attitudes have changed. At times as I watch society I find that there is an urgency to extinction. In times that feel long gone, families and communities could come together and give thanks and slow down to enjoy diversity and difference.

I have more to say on the topic but the bottom line that I have found is finding common ground to build on and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before passing judgment.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it is a time to reflect on family and friends and give thanks. Whether you find yourself down and out on the streets or just surviving to make ends meet. Give thanks for what you have and that is the family of humanity. If you can give more to help those who have less then do it.

There is a quote that I have written down in my sketchbook and I don’t know who said it but it goes like this…“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.”


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