Friday, November 29, 2013

Bob Cratchit - Artwork

Early on in Charles Dickens story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ he introduces the reader to Bob Cratchit the underpaid clerk of Ebebezer Scrooge. He is a symbol of faith and family even in the midst of poverty and poor working conditions. Dickens shows Scrooges cruel and unfair side when he says to Cratchit,  “Let me hear another word from you, and you’ll keep your Christmas by losing your situation.” All Bob was doing was applauding Scrooge’s nephew for his speech about his love for Christmas and family – an attempt to break through Scrooge’s icy heart.

Nothing can move Scrooge’s dismal mood as he threatens to lower Cratchit’s pay and take away the small bit of a fire that he uses to stay warm. He tries to force him into a similar bitter mood as his own, but it doesn’t work. Bob Cratchit represents adversity and perseverance in the midst of hardship. His heart is full. These are some of my early sketches of Bob Cratchit and his desk candle.

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