Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Ghost of Marley-Artwork

As I mentioned I am going to post paintings and sketches weekly from my recent work on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. This week painting and sketch are from stave 1 of the story.

The scene is cast with Scrooge returning home from work to find his dead friends face in place of his doorknocker. Scrooge is in disbelief as he looks in horror at the apparition of his old business partner Marley and his ghostly face on his door

Here is a small excerpt from Dickens sets the scene... “Marley’s face, though the eyes were wide open, they were perfectly motionless. That, and its livid colour, made it horrible; but its horror seemed to be in spite of the face and beyond its control, rather than a part of its own expression. How it happened that Scrooge, having his key in the lock of the door, saw in the knocker, without its undergoing any intermediate process of change—not a knocker, but Marley’s face.”

Thanks for all your comments about the paintings. I appreciate the feedback. I have a lot more to show. I will also have paintings and sketches available for purchase for those collectors who are interested.


  1. This iconic story is one of my favorites. As a child, it really got us into the Christmas Spirit in a hurry. My mother would read it to us right before we started decorating the house. I like the way you showed the pain and suffering of Jacob Marley in your interpretation of Scrooge's door knocker. Great detail!

    1. Thia,

      What a wonderful tradition to read "A Christmas Carol". Sounds like you have a wonderful family. This story does set the mood for Christmas and the holidays. The story has so much depth and truly makes me thankful for the little things that life gives us and the moments we share with each other. Thanks for your post, I appreciate it.