Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Movie "Black Luck"

It’s Showtime! Tonight "Black Luck" the movie premieres on the big screen at the Omaha Film Festival. The movie starts at 8:30 at Village Pointe Theatre.

I am honored to have worked with Jason Levering, David Weiss, and Garrett Sheeks on this epic full-length thriller. I have attached the movie poster, which I designed and some movie frame stills of a few scenes that I am acting in as well. Don’t miss your chance to see this at the theatre.

The story is based on a hitman in hiding struggling to keep his past and inner demons at bay. Nothing can prepare him for this next chapter in his life when his darkest secrets come roaring back.

The movie has a tremendous cast and crew who made this year long adventure and journey possible.

Director: Jason Levering, David Weiss
Writer: Jason Levering, Garrett Sheeks
Producer: David M. Weiss, Jason Levering, Garrett Sheeks, Aaron Smith
Associate Producers, Tim Welch, Dr. Thomas Huerter, Sean Nohrenberg, Matt Patterson, Tom Sain
Cast: Garrett Sheeks, Karrie Bauman, Jeff Gamble, Jeff Luby, Jason Levering, Aaron Sailors, Jeremy Caniglia, Jazmyne Van Houten, Konrad Case, Craig Hoffman, Collin Dunn, Royce Kensinger, Myriddin McHugh, Christopher Levering, Jeffery Blum, Ethan Rand, Cheri Bloomingdale, Kiera Levering, Justin Milani, Crystal Milani, Cara Rockwell, Rick Barker, Tim Welch, Lacee Newbanks, Sean Nohrenberg, Aaron Smith, Randy Kirby, John Huerter

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